Youth Employment Project

On Wednesday 25 May 2016, Colin Biggers & Paisley (Brisbane office), in collaboration with the Beacon Foundation, hosted 21 students from Groves Christian College, as part of our signature volunteering initiative, Youth Employment Project (YEP). The one day high impact program is an experiential CV and interview skills session.

Through delivering engaging career education workshops, YEP aims to increase students’ aspirations and motivate young people to stay in school, and improve students’ ability to make a successful transition into the workforce.

Our volunteers supported students during the structured workshops with career guidance, CV advice, interview practice and preparation. The students gained an understanding of the career opportunities available to them, the skills employers are looking for and the importance of preparation and personal presentation. We are helping the Beacon Foundation to raise these young people’s aspirations and equip them with the tools to pursue successful working lives.

The day was a huge success with students commenting:

“I know more about what employers are looking for. I also know how to present myself and I learnt that being confident in yourself and your skills is key in interviews.”

“I now know that it is normal for people to not know what they want to do after school. I am motivated to go through more experiences to truly know what I am most passionate about.”

“I feel more equipped with important information I need to get a job.”

Through these programs, we hope to show the students the opportunities available to them if they continue with their education and inspire them to work hard in order to succeed in their future careers.

In turn, volunteers gain a rewarding experience when they use their skills and expertise in another context, whilst helping these young students to gain a greater understanding of themselves and the career options available to them.

When working as a team to deliver group sessions, volunteers are given the chance to demonstrate and improve their leadership, confidence and presentation skills, along with building relationships with colleagues from across the legal practice.

For more information, please contact Daisy Johnson at or phone 02 8281 4452.