June 10,2016
Over the past five years, employees at Colin Biggers & Paisley have volunteered at primary schools located in the City of Logan, Queensland. Our legal practice has continuously supported the Logan community through participation in the Logan reading and breakfast programs.

The Logan Reading Program involves one-on-one reading with school children in prep and year one. This has proven to be an extremely valuable experience for students with evidence of significant improvement in literacy levels and increased student interest in reading. School teachers have confirmed that these reading sessions are making a noticeable difference in classrooms. We have also been recognised by the Mayor of Logan City for our contribution to the reading program.

The Logan Breakfast Program is run with the assistance of the YMCA. This program involves preparing and serving breakfast to primary school students before they begin classes for the day. For some students, the breakfast provided is often the only meal they will have the whole day. According to the YMCA, this program has seen a positive change in student behaviour, increased student concentration and positively contributed to the physical and mental wellbeing of students. School staff and the YMCA have shown continuous appreciation for our efforts and commitment to the program.

Staff in our Brisbane office volunteer at each program at least twice a month and dedicate two to three hours of their morning. Our volunteers ensure that they can attend and assist in any way possible. They describe their experiences as eye-opening, enriching and enjoyable.

Our participation in these programs aligns with the Colin Biggers & Paisley Foundation's core objective to promote the interests of children in Australia. Colin Biggers & Paisley is extremely proud of its contributions to these programs and remains committed to participating in the years to come.