Work Experience Program - Students from Auburn Girls High School are back at our Sydney office

November 29,2019
Only 46% of students can access work experience during high school, and the statistics are much lower for students in outer-suburbs. Work experience programs have proven to encourage vulnerable students to complete Year 12.
After taking part in the Degrees at Work program with UNSW ASPIRE last July, three students from Auburn Girls High School are back in our Sydney office. The students -who have shown an interest in pursuing a career in law- have spent the week engaging in a variety of activities as part of our Work Experience Program.
They have spent the week learning about different aspects of the law, undertaking research tasks,  as well as meeting a Magistrate, going to a barristers chambers and spending time with our Graduates talking about what it is like to go to university.
At the end of the week, Barin, Esha and Muna from Auburn Girls High School reflected on their Work Experience Week at CBP
"All in all, we received the opportunity of a lifetime, as we were allowed the chance to see the life of a lawyer face to face.
We absolutely adored everyone at Collins Biggers & Paisley as they've been amazing with helping us around and sharing their experiences with us. We felt very comfortable and enjoyed working in an adult environment with everyone at the firm.
We learnt what it takes to become a lawyer, and how courts work, through learning about the hierarchy of the court to procedures in the court.
This week has not only been educational but enjoyable as well, ridding us of our misconceived opinions of law and allowing us a chance to acquire knowledge we've never had before."


With our Work Experience Program, we give students facing educational disadvantage the opportunity to have exposure to professional careers helping them make sound decisions for their future.
Thank you to everyone at our Sydney office involved in ensuring the students make the best out of this week.