Founded over a century ago, Colin Biggers & Paisley is one of the
most established legal practices in the country.

Today we have over 450 employees, offices in Sydney, Melbourne and
Brisbane, and a track record of excellence that is second to none.
We are proud of our long-standing relationships with many of
Australia’s most respected and successful companies.

We are the lawyers of choice in the construction, property and
insurance industries and also have a strong presence in banking and
finance, education, agriculture and mining, as well as providing legal
services to all levels of government.

As a national Australian legal practice, we deliver high calibre
legal services and we aim to do so in a responsible way.


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The Colin Biggers & Paisley Foundation brings together our entire
community offering and is comprised of three streams – pro bono
legal services, volunteering and charitable contributions.

To ensure maximum impact, the core focus of our Foundation
is to promote and protect the rights of women and children in
Australia and abroad.

We consider all requests for pro bono legal services, professional
and general volunteering, community project assistance and in-kind
support. Our Foundation does not consider applications for grants.

What are the goals of our Foundation?

  • To improve access to justice;
  • To create access to opportunities;
  • To create a business our people are proud to work in; and
  • To create a business clients are proud to work with.

We are committed to improving access to justice, reducing unmet legal
need and playing a leading role in making the justice system work better.

We also believe in strong and active participation in the communities in
which we operate, and we want to create opportunities for disadvantaged
young people to find sound employment and keep it.

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OUR STRATEGY (2014 – 2017)


We research legal issues affecting women and children in Australia and abroad to understand key problems more fully and contribute to a framework for coordination and change. We have also joined a community of partners (both internally and externally), through a collaborative platform, to gather and share information.

Icon - Colin Biggers & Paisley Foundation
Icon - Colin Biggers & Paisley Foundation


We align our resources to lead and support projects that promote and protect the rights of women and children. In turn, we have established partnerships and relationships with key NGOs, charities, clearinghouses and community legal centres around the globe. We encourage our people and our clients to participate in our programs and projects.


We provide a wide range of pro bono legal services to
individuals and organisations that need our help. This includes pro bono legal advice, legal analysis and research, policy advice, secondments, legal clinics, advocacy, strategic litigation, law reform and capacity workshops. We also provide a range of non-legal support including professional and community volunteering, in-kind support, structured mentoring, internships, corporate donations, fundraising, sponsorships, conference support, awareness raising and thought leadership.

Icon - Colin Biggers & Paisley Foundation


We aim to use our resources in a holistic way to ensure maximum impact for our community partners. Put another way, we aim to do more for fewer clients. The core strategy of our Foundation is to promote and protect the rights of women and children in Australia and abroad. We are proud of the results we have achieved alongside our responsible business partners.


To review, revise, evaluate and monitor our services and support to assess outcomes and impact. We published our first Impact Report in 2017. Click here to download.

Icon - Colin Biggers & Paisley Foundation
Hansdeep Singh, Co-Founder, Director of Legal Programs, International Center for Advocates Against Discrimination (ICAAD)
"ICAAD is honored to have Colin Biggers & Paisley as a partner in assessing policies around climate adaptation and developing strategic interventions to protect marginalised populations from the impacts of climate change. Colin Biggers & Paisley has already provided invaluable research which analyses the international, regional, and national mechanisms available to Pacific Island countries in adapting to climate change, while identifying key opportunities for ICAAD to intervene within the current frameworks."
Professor Sarah Joseph, Director of the Castan Centre for Human Rights Law
“Colin Biggers & Paisley has been an enthusiastic supporter of the Castan Centre, sponsoring our annual human rights conference and providing pro bono support on a range of disability issues.”
Hugh de Krester, Executive Director, Human Rights Law Centre
“Our pro bono partnerships greatly extend our human rights impact. We’re really pleased to be building such a strong partnership with Colin Biggers & Paisley.”
Professor Paula Gerber, President of Kaleidoscope Human Rights Foundation.
"Kaleidoscope Human Rights Foundation could not pursue its aim of protecting and promoting the rights of LGBTI people in the Asia/Pacific region without the support provided by Colin Biggers & Paisley. The high quality, comprehensive legal research that their pro bono team give us is simply invaluable".
Gillian Garner, Executive Officer, Liberty Victoria
'"Liberty Victoria is grateful for the support provided by Colin Biggers & Paisley, including providing a space for meetings and hosting our AGM."
Rebecca McMahon, Manager, Pro Bono Relationships, Justice Connect
“Colin Biggers & Paisley has, in a short time, become a greatly valued member of our pro bono family. Since the launch of the Colin Biggers & Paisley Foundation, they have demonstrated a deep and abiding commitment to providing access to justice for those facing disadvantage, which is precisely Justice Connect’s mission. In particular, Colin Biggers & Paisley's focus on the plight of women and children is admirable and much-needed. Without such commitment from law firms like Colin Biggers & Paisley, thousands would be denied access to justice. We are happy and proud to consider them our partners in pro ...
Sarah Penman, National Pro Bono Manager, Cancer Council
"Colin Biggers & Paisley is a valued supporter of Cancer Council, partnering with us through our Pro Bono Legal Referral Service. Through this service, lawyers provide free legal assistance to people affected by cancer who cannot afford the cost of advice. Colin Biggers & Paisley lawyers provide invaluable help to families across NSW, Victoria and Queensland on a range of issues, including employment, access to superannuation, disputes and insurance matters."
Katie Wood, Legal & Governance Manager, Amnesty International Australia
"Amnesty International Australia is extremely fortunate to benefit from the pro bono legal support Colin Biggers & Paisley provides.  They are wonderful lawyers and ensure that Amnesty International Australia is able to focus on protecting and promoting the human rights of people around the world."
Effie Mitchell, Manager, Refugee Council of Australia
"The Refugee Council of Australia, representing hundreds of organisations, is extremely grateful for the generous support of Colin Biggers & Paisley who work in partnership with us, providing invaluable advice and support in striving to improve the situation for refugees and people seeking asylum." Effie Mitchell, Manager, Refugee Council of Australia
Rochna Banerjee, International Women's Development Agency
"The Colin Biggers & Paisley Foundation supports our work to advance women’s human rights in Asia Pacific. We appreciate Colin Biggers & Paisley's focus on promoting women’s rights through providing valuable pro-bono legal assistance. No country in the world has achieved gender equality, so we all need to work together to promote women’s rights – and Colin Biggers & Paisley has joined us to take action.”
Delwyn J Everard, Deputy Director, Arts Law Centre of Australia
“Colin Biggers & Paisley’s support for the Hermannsburg Potters Aboriginal art centre through our Adopt A Lawyer initiative has given this remote collective of Western Arrernte women artists access to practical governance and legal advice. It’s supported by the whole legal practice from Senior Partner Chris Rumore, who travelled there in 2015, to the most junior lawyers.”
Delwyn J Everard, Deputy Director, Arts Law Centre of Australia
“With the support of Colin Biggers & Paisley, Arts Law provides Australia’s creative community of artists, writers, musicians and filmmakers with practical commercial advice on legal issues – giving them the skills and knowledge to pursue their creative endeavours  and protect their rights."
Professor Gillian Triggs, Australian Human Rights Commission
"Colin Biggers & Paisley has worked closely with the Australian Human Rights Commission providing pro bono legal services and support. They have shown a strong interest in the promotion of human rights having sponsored the 2015 Young People’s Human Rights Medal. I am grateful for the partnership with Colin Biggers & Paisley whose support of the Commission’s work demonstrates their commitment to human rights."
Andrea de Smidt, Principal Solicitor, Queensland Public Interest Law Clearing House Incorporated (QPILCH)
"QPILCH was pleased to welcome Colin Biggers & Paisley as a member firm shortly after they opened their Brisbane office. Colin Biggers & Paisley has provided direct legal representation to a proportionately large number of disadvantaged pro bono clients through the QPILCH referral service, and recently provided financial support to QPILCH to back-fill a legal position, which would otherwise have remained vacant while a staff member was on extended leave. Through their involvement, Colin Biggers & Paisley is helping QPILCH make a difference to the lives of those who need it most."
Claudia Fatone, Executive Officer, Fitzroy Legal Service
"The Fitzroy Legal Service (FLS) is one of Australia’s original community legal centres, having been established in December 1972. FLS provides legal services to people whose access is limited, particularly disadvantaged or marginalised members of our community.  FLS leads many social action campaigns to improve the rights of our clients and the local community, using law reform, advocacy, policy development and community legal education. We could not possibly undertake the breadth and depth of work that we do without significant pro bono and volunteer support and are thrilled to have established a partnership with Colin Biggers & Paisley."
Mary Barry, CEO, Our Watch
“Our Watch is delighted to be partnering with Colin Biggers & Paisley. To have access to the expertise of such a leading provider of legal services is invaluable and is supporting Our Watch in achieving our vision of an Australia free of violence against women and their children. We value the expertise and commitment of every person we have the privilege of working with at Colin Biggers & Paisley.”
Leonie Walton, Head of Corporate & Community Partnerships, Garvan Research Foundation
"Colin Biggers & Paisley kick started its relationship with the Garvan Institute of Medical Research in 2009 by participating in and fundraising for the St Vincent’s Precinct “Nun’s Run”. Since then we’ve shared many great moments and much generosity. The team at Colin Biggers & Paisley has contributed more than $130,000 in workplace giving and matched donations which have been directed towards Garvan’s breast cancer research.Above and beyond the generous funding, Colin Biggers & Paisley has assisted with many hours of skilled and high level pro bono with some of their leading legal teams. This support has allowed the Garvan ...
Rose Scott, Communications Officer, Wintringham
"We have found Colin Biggers & Paisley to be faultlessly generous and easy to deal with. They give valued support in our mission to eliminate the scourge of elderly homelessness."
Janet Wight, Director, Youth Advocacy Centre
“Colin Biggers & Paisley’s staff participation in the Bridge to Brisbane to help raise funds for the disadvantaged and vulnerable young people we work with was much appreciated.”
Helen Campbell, Executive Officer, Women's Legal Services NSW
"Women's Legal Services NSW is proud to be collaborating with Colin Biggers & Paisley to enhance the services we can offer to disadvantaged women throughout NSW. With Colin Biggers & Paisley assistance we are providing access to victims support for women who have experienced sexual assault and domestic violence. Colin Biggers & Paisley provides office facilities for our free evening telephone advice service for family law and discrimination matters. Women's Legal Services NSW also thanks Colin Biggers & Paisley for its donations, staff giving and fundraising."
Natalie Davidson, Fundraising Manager
“Women’s Legal Service is fortunate to have a strong partnership with Colin Biggers & Paisley. The partnership has assisted us to start a new Helpline for Queensland women and their children experiencing domestic violence and complex family law matters. We have also benefitted from Colin Biggers & Paisley's expertise in governance, commercial matters and even the occasional working bee! We thank Colin Biggers & Paisley for working with us to prevent domestic violence and ensure better access to help.”
Joanna Fletcher, Chief Executive Officer, Women’s Legal Service Victoria
“Colin Biggers & Paisley provides pro bono assistance to Women's Legal Services Victoria clients seeking victims of crime compensation and provides part funding for a policy lawyer role at WLSV. This generous contribution increases our capacity to assist disadvantaged women experiencing family violence and to influence change for the benefit of those women.”
Paul Reynolds, CEO, Save the Children
"Colin Biggers & Paisley has developed a truly unique partnership with Save the Children.  Their financial support of our programs and responsive pro bono legal advice has increased our ability to support children in Australia and around the world."
Margot Gould, Partner Relationships Manager, Beacon Foundation
“The Beacon Foundation is proud to be partnering with Colin Biggers & Paisley to support disadvantaged young people to successfully transition from education to meaningful employment. Colin Biggers & Paisley’s engagement with Beacon’s programs will prepare these young people for life after school, ensuring they have the employability skills and networks to make the most of future opportunities.”
Elaine Johnson, Principal Solicitor, EDO NSW
"CBP’s printing team has been outstanding in supporting EDO NSW in our public interest environmental legal work.  The support we receive from CBP helps us to provide affordable access to justice for the community on a range of environmental issues. EDO NSW is a community legal centre specialising in public interest environmental and planning law."