Youth Employment Project

Youth Employment Project

The Colin Biggers & Paisley Foundation believes in strong and active participation in the communities in which we operate, both as individuals and as a legal practice. We strive to involve all our people in community programs and initiatives that make a substantial and positive difference. We organise and participate in a range of professional and general volunteering.
Our signature volunteering project is Youth Employment Project (YEP).

We currently work with ASPIRE, Boundless and CareerTrackers to help us meet our objectives for this program.
YEP involves a variety of projects including mentoring, work experience, internships, CV and interview skills workshops, and scholarships.
Using our resources and skills we will jointly deliver a range of skills workshops and career programs in our offices. Through engaging and practical workshops designed to equip students to apply for a job, build a CV and present themselves in an interview it is intended to help students develop skills required to secure employment.
YEP is about adopting a whole company approach, utilising the skills of all our staff to help young and disadvantaged Australians with the skills and support they need to kick start their career.


Sydney YEP

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