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February 02,2024
The Colin Biggers & Paisley Foundation is pleased to announce its annual Christmas appeal raised $18,328 our major charity partner Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF). This money was raised through the final hour appeal and Christmas gift donations.
Every year the Colin Biggers & Paisley Foundation runs a Final Hour Appeal offering the opportunity for our people to donate their final hour of work to our major charity partner. Our people were also given the option of receiving a Christmas gift hamper containing a Huskee Cup and SisterWorks candle, or donating the money that would have been spent on the Christmas gift to ILF.

Through these initiatives $18,328 was raised and will go towards supporting ILF and their work ensuring culturally relevant books and learning resources are in the hands of children and families living in Community.
In addition, our people were asked to get involved in RizeUp's Annual Christmas Toy Appeal by purchasing a gift for a child. These gifts were collected in each of our offices and then donated to RizeUp to be distributed across Australia to families and children who may not have been so fortunate over the Christmas period.
Last year the ILF was announced as the Foundation's national charity partner. We will be supporting the ILF's work to drive awareness of Indigenous literacy in Australia and by generating life-changing, practical support for these children and communities.
The team at the ILF are incredibly grateful, some kind words from the ILF CEO Ben Bowan on the impact the donation will make:
"Thank you to everyone at Colin Biggers & Paisley - the current donation of $18,328 will enable us to get over 1,800 culturally relevant and safe books into remote Communities in 2024 - a great contribution to our work.”
Thank you to all of our people who participated in our Final Hour Appeal, those who opted to donate instead of receiving a gift, and those who purchased a gift for RizeUp's Christmas Toy Appeal.