Christmas Appeal Raises $23,028 for RizeUp Australia

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January 27,2022
Every year, the Colin Biggers & Paisley Foundation runs its Final Hour Appeal, where staff are asked to donate their final hour of work for the year in support of the Foundation's major charity partner.
In October last year, we announced our new national partnership with RizeUp Australia, a charity whose incredible work focuses on raising awareness about domestic violence and supporting and empowering women, families and children escaping violent situations. The Final Hour Appeal for 2021 went towards RizeUp with our people kindly contributing their final hour to raise $15,288.
In addition, our people were given the option of receiving a Christmas gift—a ceramic travel bowl from Pottery for the Planet to help combat single-use culture and plastic waste— or donating the money that would have been spent on the Christmas gift to RizeUp. A majority opted to donate, which raised an additional $7,740.
Through these initiatives, our people banded together to raise a total of $23,028 in support of RizeUp.
Below are some kind words from RizeUp's CEO, Nicolle Edwards, on the impact this donation will make to the lives of children escaping domestic violence across Australia:
"The $23,028 you raised for RizeUp will provide new beds, beautiful linen and pillows for 66 children to lay their heads down on, helping them to feel safe and secure as they embark on their new lives.
For children to recover from trauma they require safety, love, security and an anchor to attach themselves. To all of you, our friends at CBP, your generosity is not simply providing a bed, or a pillow, or some sheets. You are providing these vulnerable children an anchor for trauma recovery and for that I am extremely grateful."
Our people were also asked to get involved in RizeUp's Annual Christmas Toy Appeal by purchasing a gift for a child. These gifts were then distributed across Australia to families and children who may not have been so fortunate over the Christmas period.
Our support for RizeUp will continue this year and into 2023, with staff continuing to raise funds by participating in major events and fundraisers for RizeUp, as well as volunteering for their 'Homes' program and offering a range of pro bono support.
We are very proud of this initial support for our new charity partner and look forward to demonstrating an ongoing commitment to helping them achieve their goals.
Thank you to all of our people who participated in our Final Hour Appeal, those who opted to donate instead of receiving a gift and those who purchased a gift for RizeUp's Christmas Toy Appeal.