August 09,2019

Volunteers from Colin Biggers & Paisley recently went to Coonabarabran High School to talk to students studying commerce and legal studies about the link between school curriculum and real-life application.
The trip was part of the Regional Connect program run by our community partner, ASPIRE. Their mission is to empower young people to access the education they deserve, regardless of their circumstances or background.
Students from regional areas often miss out on resources and information about higher education degrees because of where they live.
Our volunteers spent the day with students from years 9 to 12 talking about pathways to pursuing a career in law, their experience as law practitioners, and the role of law in promoting a fair society. Our volunteers' aim was to use their skills to help students make sound vocational choices.


The visit was a great success for both our volunteers and the students. Partner Amanda Ryding said that "it was fantastic to spend the day with such energetic engaged people", and that the day also provided "a window into their lives, the issues that face them and the intelligence and humour with which they face those issues." Solicitor Madeleine Copley said, "It was a really wonderful experience to be able to contribute to the fantastic work ASPIRE does with students in regional schools."

Gavin Greenfield, ASPIRE Operations Manager said, “Colin Biggers & Paisley has been a great supporter of ASPIRE for some time and has hosted a number of events for our students in their Sydney offices. Their visit to one of our regional partner schools was a new initiative and an extension of our ‘Degrees at Work’ program. It was a significant commitment for employees and partners of the company to take the time to visit Coonabarabran High School and run a series of legal workshops. The opportunity for students to talk to a range of professionals at different stages in their careers is extremely valuable. Not only does it bring the school curriculum to life, but it also gives students a new perspective on future possibilities and their own career paths.”

Thank you to our volunteers: Madeleine Copley from Brisbane, Elizabeth Flatley from Melbourne, and Amanda Ryding, David Miller and Tamara Sims from Sydney.