December 03,2019
On November 2019, Simone Whetton, Partner in the CDR Group in Sydney, joined Donna Robinson from the Arts Law Centre of Australia for a week in the Kimberley, WA. The trip is part of the Colin Biggers & Paisley Foundation's support to the Arts Law Centre's Artists in the Black Program.

The purpose of the trip was to advise Indigenous Artists on the preparation of their Will or to assist them in updating any existing one due to changes in their testamentary wishes, and to provide advice to Indigenous Artists in respect to corporate issues- service agreements or other similar agreements with third parties.

During the trip Simone visited Aboriginal art centres in Derby, Halls Creek, Fitzroy Crossing and Kununurra taking instructions from approximately 25 artists and preparing 20 new Wills and five testamentary amendments. Simone also advised two Indigenous artists on various corporate issues.

Colin Biggers & Paisley has a strong relationship with Arts Law. We are passionate about protecting the legal and cultural rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, and over the years we have contributed to Artists in the Black’s legal service through pro bono referrals, clinics and secondments to regional art centres.


"This was an amazing experience not only because you get to see a part of Australia that is quite extraordinary in its beauty, but also see firsthand how these Art Centres provide the primary source of income for Aboriginal artistic communities and particularly to female artists who may often head up a family in terms of income and financial support. I thank Colin Biggers & Paisley for this wonderful opportunity."